Nature's Classroom

Adam Goshorn (Director) has been working for various organizations in the outdoor industry since 1998 and prior to working at Nature's Classroom he was the Program Director at Camp Hat Creek in Brookneal, Virginia. Adam attended Radford University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism with a concentration in Outdoor Recreation. He first joined the Nature's Classroom staff as a Teacher in 2003 and then became Director in 2004. During the summer months, Adam trains and supervises the challenge course staff for Riverview Camp for Girls, which shares the Nature's Classroom facility. To learn more about the summer program opportunities at Riverview click here.

Spring 2018 Staff (left to right, top to bottom)

Adam Goshorn (director), Joey Terlizzi, Katy Wilson, Ouzal Hinz, Claire Zollondz (lead teacher), Brooke Kyles, Shannon Goshorn (Assistant Director), Lawton Jeffords, Darcy Johnson, Sarah Koering, Dana Sorey, JJ Jackson

Fall 2017 Staff (left to right)

Adam Goshorn (director), Shannon Goshorn (assistant director), Alyssa Fielder, Katy Wilson, Chandler Brooks, Brooke Kyles, Joey Terlizzi, Dana Sorey, JJ Jackson, Claire Zollondz (lead teacher), Ouzal Hinz, Darcy Johnson, Lawton Jeffords

Spring 2017 Staff (left to right, top to bottom)

Emily Lutken, Adam Goshorn (director), Joe Polchek, Lawton Jeffords, Joey Terlizzi, Megan Starbuck, Sarah Koering, Claire Zollondz (lead teacher), Zoe Lent-Bews, Haley Giannone, Shannon Goshorn (assistant director), Darcy Johnson, Morgan Kelly, Joe Alvarado

Fall 2016 Staff (left to right)

Adam Goshorn (director), Shannon Goshorn (assistant director), Lawton Jeffords, Claire Zollondz (lead teacher), Lizzie Cheatham, Caroline Villegas, Evan Alfano, Megan Starbuck, McKenley Newman, Joe Polchek, Haley Giannone, Sarah Koering, Savannah Dent, Darcy Johnson

Spring 2016 Staff (left to right)

Stephen Boyhont, Ky Hart, Shannon Goshorn (lead teacher), Lawton Jeffords, Caroline Villegas, Pat Smith, Claire Zollondz, Ben Lucas Cassie Yahnian, Adam Goshorn (director)

Fall 2015 Staff (left to right)

Adam Goshorn (director), Cassie Yahnian, Nathan Lawder, Jesse Carter, Mars Reid II, Claire Zollondz, Evan Alfano, Sam Bard, Lawton Jeffords, Shannon Goshorn (lead teacher), Pat Smith, Lucas Thomas

Spring 2015 Staff (left to right, top to bottom)

Lucas Thomas, Jesse Carter, Pat Smith, Mars Reid II, Kady Carter, La’Resa Jackson, Megan Starbuck, Brittany Manuel, Claire Zollondz, Cassie Yahnian, Shannon Goshorn (lead teacher), Adam Goshorn (director), Emily Lutken

Spring 2014 Staff (left to right)

Marissa Fuerst, Shannon Goshorn (lead teacher), Adam Goshorn (director), Jesse Carter, Evan Alfano, Claire Zollondz, Ben Trister, Lizzie Cheatham, Pat Smith, Shirley Allsup, Emily Lutken

Fall 2013 Staff (left to right)

Antoine Danford, Claire Zollondz, Lizzie Cheatham, Emily Lutken, Evan Alfano, Matt Holland, Shannon Goshorn (lead teacher), Marissa Fuerst, Adam Goshorn (director)

Fall 2012 Staff (left to right)

Top: Adam Goshorn (director), Jay Howard, Pat Smith, Cody Huston (lead teacher), Kim Rudge, Julia Fore

Bottom: Sarah Urie, Jesse Carter, Ruby Compton, Lauren Kanipe, Megan Starbuck

Spring 2012 Staff (left to right)

Top: Pat Smith, Cody Huston (lead teacher), Jay Howard, Jesse Carter, Kim Rudge, Adam Goshorn (director)

Bottom: Sarah Urie, Ruby Compton, Megan Starbuck

Not Pictured: Will Kimzey

Fall 2011 Staff (left to right)

Top: Carrie Howell, Jay Howard, Shannon MacMichael, Cody Huston (lead teacher), Adam Goshorn (director), Krista Neumann, Zack Parker

Bottom: Kelly Koster, Julia Fore, Rebekah Moore, Ruby Compton

Spring 2011 Staff (left to right)

Top: Adam Goshorn (director), Krista Neumann, Daniel Henninger, Josh Kuykendall, Zach Parker, Kimberly Rudge (lead teacher),

Bottom: Cody Huston, Ruby Compton, Kelly Koster, Julia Fore

Fall 2010 Staff (left to right)

Top: Sam England, Maggie Beck, Cody Huston, Kimberly Rudge (lead teacher), Adam Goshorn (director)

Bottom: Elizabeth Tinnon, Ruby Compton, Katie Fischette

Spring 2010 Staff (left to right)

Top: Mary Margaret Randall, Shannon MacMichael, Adam Goshorn (director), Cody Huston, Kimberly Rudge (lead teacher)

Bottom: Scott Lohmeyer, Adriene Tynes, Ruby Compton, Veronica Frehm, Julie Irwin

Fall 2009 Staff (left to right)

Kimberly Rudge (lead teacher), Cody Huston, Ruby Compton, Sarah Cheatham, Adam Goshorn (director), Adriene Tynes, Veronica Frehm, Julie Irwin, Scott Lohmeyer

Spring 2009 Staff (left to right)

Top: Leigh Knudson, Chad Smeiles (lead teacher), Cody Huston, Jenn Smeiles, Adam Goshorn (director)

Bottom: Sarah Cheatham, Ruby Compton, Sarah Parkington, DJ Fedchak, Brigette Sowder

Fall 2008 Staff

(Clock-wise from bottom left)

Adam Goshorn (director), Ruby Compton, Chad Smeiles (lead teacher), Jenn Smeiles, Leigh Knudsen, Cody Huston, Brigette Sowder, Sarah Parkington, Jordan Sherman

Spring 2008 Staff (left to right):

Top: Sarah Parkington, DJ Fedchak, Cody Huston, Angela Harber, Adam Goshorn (director), Brigette Sowder, Chad Smeiles (lead teacher)

Bottom: Melanie Briggs, Jenn Smeiles

Spring 2007 (left to right):

Top: Shannon MacMichael (lead teacher), Jason Nanz, Leigh Ann Williams, Adam Ford, Skye Coody, John Geyer, Kim Rudge, Adam Goshorn (director)

Bottom: Joe Peters, DJ Fedchek

Fall 2005 Staff (left to right):

Patrick Boas, John Howard, Val Oxford, Mike Tavares, Zack White, Shannon MacMichael, Victor Hailey (lead teacher), and Adam Goshorn (director).

Spring 2005 Staff (left to right):

First row: Halle Henderson, Jeni Josephson

Second row: Herb Crimp, Val Oxford, Adam Ford

Third row: Adam Goshorn (director), Victor Hailey (lead teacher)

Fall 2004 Staff (left to right):

First row: Adam Goshorn (director), Myra Andrews (lead teacher), Adam Ford, Clark Knighton

Second row: Herb Crimp, Victor Hailey, Katie Stump, John Howard

Spring 2004 Staff (left to right):

First row: Myra Andrews (lead teacher), Rita Chicchinelli

Second row: Victor Hailey, Adam Goshorn (director), Amy Reames, John Howard, Callie Gobble

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