Classes are structured activities lasting between 60 and 100 minutes that cover a variety of academic areas. The trip organizer chooses the specific classes to be offered to the group. The 25 most popular classes are listed below, but Nature's Classroom has hundreds of lesson plans on file and can also custom design classes for any group with specific requests or areas of interest.

CM - Communication     EA - Environmental Awareness     HI - History
MA - Math     NS - Natural Science     PS - Physical Science
SS - Social Studies     TB - Team Building     WS - Wilderness Skills

Alpha/Beta: (CM/TB/SS)  Explore cultural differences through a simulation designed to build understanding between people of different backgrounds.

Back Country Baking: (PS/WS)  Practice low-impact outdoor baking techniques to create a tasty treat for the class to enjoy.

Bubbles: (PS)  Learn about surface tension and refraction while creating bubbles of different sizes and shapes.

Bug Out: (NS)  Investigate, track, catch, and identify a variety of insects.

Burma Bridge: (TB/PS)  Work together to build and cross a rope bridge while exploring the principles of mechanical advantage.

Candles: (SS/HI)  Make a candle while learning about the history of this essential pioneer skill.

Doctor in the Woods: (WS)  Discuss and practice basic emergency response and first aid skills as applied in a wilderness setting.

Egg Drop: (PS/TB)  Learn the physics of the forces at work on a falling object, then attempt to construct a device to protect an egg from a fall onto rocks.

Feed Your Face: (NS/EA)  Practice natural skin care using a variety of herbs and other biodegradable products.

Fire: (PS/WS)  Learn about the science of fire and experiment with low-impact fire building skills.

Geodome: (TB/MA)  Lash together a geodesic dome out of ropes and logs and test its strength.

Get Lost: (MA/WS)  Practice basic map and compass skills through this introduction to orienteering.

Hoot and Hurl: (NS)  Learn about owls and explore their eating habits by dissecting sterilized owl pellets.

I'll Fly Away: (PS)  Learn about Bernoulli's principle while creating and testing a variety of paper airplanes.

IT: (CM)  Transmit information by practicing effective communication to design and produce IT.

Outdoor Survival: (WS/TB)  Discuss fundamental principles of wilderness survival and simulate meeting basic needs using only a few designated items.

Rambling Roots: (EA)  Learn about the parts of a tree, focusing on roots and transplant a tree from forest to a new location.

Soap: (SS/HI)  Create natural, herbal soap while learning about the properties of various herbs and the way making soap has changed throughout history.

Speed: (MA)  Calculate speed in miles per hour using math skills and unit conversions.

Stream Stomp: (NS/EA)  Discuss the water cycle and investigate life around and within the Little River.

Tower Power: (PS)  Examine well-known structures for their architectural features and use that knowledge to build and evaluate model towers.

Tracking: (NS/WS)  Go into the wild in search of evidence to discover which animals have been in the area.

Tree Trek: (NS)  Explore the wide variety of trees found in Alabama and take time to get to know them up close and personal.

Ultimate Challenge: (SS/CM/TB)  Rise above misconceptions while simulating some of the challenges overcome by people living with disabilities.

Watershed Wonders: (NS/EA)  Learn about groundwater systems, watersheds, and human impacts upon both.

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