Field Group


Field Groups are an important part of every program and are a participant's core small group during their time at Nature's Classroom. Field Groups consist of up to 16 students, an adult chaperone, and a Nature's Classroom teacher. Field Groups hike together, dine together, participate in team-building activities together, and some evening/large group activities also take place in Field Groups.

Field Hikes   While on hikes, participants learn about the various things they encounter on the trails. Hikes also often include challenge activities and educational games along the way.

Plant and Tree Identification   The hiking trails at Nature's Classroom wind through a diverse ecosystem providing many varieties of plants and trees for participants to learn to identify.

Rock Identification and Geology   Encountering large rock formations along the trails is a great opportunity to discuss rock types, the rock cycle, and to identify examples of sandstone and conglomerate.

Leave No Trace   Participants learn and practice the seven principles of Leave No Trace as they travel the Nature's Classroom trails together.

Team Building   Games and initiatives present students with challenges that require communication and working together towards common goals.

Low Challenge Course   High-functioning Field Groups who have completed a sequence of initiative challenges may have the opportunity to take their team building to the next level by moving on to the more advanced fixed elements of the Low Challenge Course.

Group Processing   Group discussions following activities allow participants to process their experiences, completing the experiential education cycle and maximizing the potential for learning.

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