Evening Activities


For multi-day programs, Evening Activities are often some of participantsí favorite parts of the program. After dinner and after dark, opportunities for learning abound while participating in a Night Hike or other activity. Some activities most often utilized as Evening Activities can also be conducted during the day, such as: Folk Games, Night Live, Science Fair, Invention Convention, and Environmental Hearing.

Night Hike:   Take to the trails at night to escape the lights of campus and learn about nocturnal animals, sensory adaptation, and the night sky. (evening only)

Folk Games:   Learn traditional group and line dances with instruction from an experienced, professional caller. (additional fee required)

Night Live:   Display a flair for drama and comedy as Field Groups learn and perform skits for the whole group. (best as an evening activity)

Science Fair:   Learn the scientific method through a series of exciting experiments. (day or evening)

Invention Convention:   Design an invention that will solve an environmental problem, then build a model out of recyclables to help market the new product to a panel of judges. (day or evening)

Environmental Hearing:   Participate in a mock legal hearing to debate economic and environmental issues relating to land use. (day or evening)

After the Evening Activity, your day is still not over yet! Weather permitting, every evening at Nature's Classroom finishes with Reflection and a snack around the campfire.

Campfire:   Conclude each evening activity at Natureís Classroom with the whole group around the campfire prior to returning to the cabins for the night.

S'mores:   Toast and prepare a tasty treat around the campfire! All multi-day groups have the opportunity to make s'mores and groups attending five-day programs will make símores on two evenings.

Reflection:   As the dayís activities draw to a close around the campfire, listen to stories and participate in discussions that encourage reflection on a variety of topics.

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